Our Services:

Eyeglasses Repair

Eyeglass and eyeglass frame repair are our specialty. Let us fix your broken
eyeglass frames in just minutes and save that favourite pair of eyeglasses that
you thought was finished. Contact us now for an appointment

Sunglasses Repair

You love your sunglasses but we all know how tough we can be on them
and sometimes they break. We specialize in the repair of broken brand name
sunglasses and sunglasses frames. Save those expensive sunglasses by
repairing them and not throwing them away.

Long Distance Repairs

If you cannot visit our Head Office in Downtown Montreal we can still fix your
broken eyeglasses or eyeglass frames by doing the process through the mail.
Simply contact us to make the necessary arrangements and we will be glad to fix
your sunglasses.

Eyeglasses Replacement Parts

Your eyeglasses need repairs, but they are also missing parts? No problem.
We offer replacement parts that we can install on your eyeglasses and
sunglasses, restoring them to excellent condition. Give new life to your
old frames and bring them to us for the parts they need. Call us now
for more information.

Additional Services:

Mold Making – Crafting New Parts

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