Long Distance Canadian Eyeglass Repairs

You break your Eyeglasses and no one in your city can help. What now?

You’re sitting in a smaller Canadian city, you just broke the eyeglass frames of your $400.00 eyeglasses and you know that they could possibly be repaired and you could save the cost of replacing them but unfortunately there is no one in your hometown that can do the job. What do you do? We at EyeglassesRepair.ca can help.

We have the expertise to fix most breaks in small metal structures

We at MD Casting, the parent company of EyeglassesRepair.ca have been in the craft of specialized jewelry moulding, casting and injecting for over 25 years, and in that time we have developed a tremendous amount of expertise in the techniques and methods used to work with, weld, cast, mould, repair and do just about everything with very small metal structures in all types of metals and alloys. As an outcome of this focus on excellence, craftsmanship and customer service we remain on the cutting edge of available technology that will help us best satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our Laser Micro Welding Technology is state of the art and can fix almost any broken eyeglasses

This is how we began to use laser welding technology, the benefits of laser micro welding technology are significant. They allow us to undertake tasks that were once unaffordable, or simply impossible, but are now cost effective due to the laser. The laser also provides a level of accuracy that is astounding.  In short laser welding has made the impossible possible as concerns repairing tiny metal structures with pinpoint accuracy and what has turned out to be one of the major applications of this technology is eyeglasses repair. The only downside with this technology is that the laser welding machines are expensive and can easily cost in excess of $30,000, so they are not widely available at eyeglass shops or optometrist offices.

We service customers from across Canada with our Long Distance Repairs service

Initially we expected that the majority of our customers would come from the Montreal area due to our Downtown Montreal location. But what we have discovered is that Canadians from coast to coast need these services because not every Canadian city and town, specially the smaller ones  has the specialists with the expensive cutting edge laser welding equipment that is required to make these types of repairs.

As a result we now serve all of Canada with long distance eyeglasses repairs to save Canadians money by saving their glasses. Repairing your eyeglasses long distance is easy, simply fill out our Contact Form and send us your glasses, we will then repair them and mail them back. But we do recommend that you call us first because in some cases the eyeglasses cannot be repaired. This can be due to the material the glasses are made of or the type of break in the glasses.

Call us now, wherever you are, and let us fix your glasses

To date we have fixed eyeglasses for Canadians from all major cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa and many more including smaller Canadian cities. So if you need to get your expensive glasses repaired and don’t want to spend many hundreds of dollars to replace them simply contact us by phone Toll Free at: 1-844-303-0779 and we will do it.

Eyeglass Care Tips

Coming soon: how to care for your eyeglasses. Stay tuned for useful tips to make sure your glasses last longer than you expected!